Presented here are the results of a three-week project during which third-year students at The Glasgow School of Art, Singapore looked closely at

The work brings to our attention interior scenes otherwise taken for granted; everyday banalities are noticed and documented; spaces and objects are aestheticised, some become beautiful, others remind us of our own idiosyncratic domestic arrangements.

It is perhaps a revelation to the interior designer who must come to terms with the intimacy and subjectivity inherent in the construction of a dwelling. We are required to acknowledge where residential design ends and the true concept of ‘home’ begins.

20 themes are represented, ranging from gendered spaces, leaving traces, technology, and decoration, to materiality, sustainability, homeliness, domesticity and privacy. Through these, students have interrogated their own home as well as that of their peers. Definitions remain loose for this work still in progress.

We’ve enjoyed looking into home life in Singapore and hope you enjoy browsing through the investigations.

Nadia Wagner, 2017